As a co-founder of the advocacy group Inclusion and Diversity in Earth Sciences (IDEaS) within the department of Earth and Planetary Sciences at Harvard University,  I have been involved in the improvement of the representation of women and minorities within the department as well as in the greater Earth Sciences community. I have also served as co-president of our Geoclub departmental graduate student association.


I have contributed a piece to ‘Science in the News’, a Harvard graduate student organization that aims at bridging the communication gap between scientists and non-scientists with a piece titled “The Ghost of Climate Past: Lessons from a previous global warming”, focused on past global warming events and their application to understanding the future of climate change.

I also contributed to Earth and Planetary Times, a newsletter with updates from the department and from members of the EPS community, past and present. The piece, titled “Understanding the history of atmospheric oxygen: All scales required” focused on the tools I use in my research to understand the history of atmospheric oxygen.


I am an avid climber!

While I have more experience with indoors climbing (bouldering, sport climbing, and lead climbing), I also have some outside experience. My goal is to climb in as many picturesque locations as my schedule allows, and one day send a 5.13a on lead.

Photo credit: Caleb Jordan